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Monday, January 30, 2006

Happy Bunnies

So this weekend in my absence my bunnies became friends, after spending the past two years not liking each other. Bailey jumped over the fence to Kahlua's side, my roomie came in to feed them and was surprised by them being on the same side. I freaked out a little fearing the worst. I saw Kahlua bite Bailey a year and a half ago leaving a scab on his neck. So I figured they would be fighting, but they didn't well if they did they seem to have worked out their differences because now they're living in harmony with one another, no fence for me to trip over!

I'm still sick, my throat is killing me right now, I should probably go see a doctor make sure I don't have strep. But while I've been sick I've finished knitting the pinwheel sweater. Now I just have to assemble it, which I'm not sure exactly how to do. It's kind of funky shaped and there's no distinct area where the sleeve fits into the body. I'm not sure if I should try to block it before I put it together. Any suggestions? Usually I only block after I've assembled if I think it needs to be blocked. So I've been putting off assembling it, instead I've been working on the Corrine lace dress. I still haven't gotten very far with the hem of the dress. I've probably got a little more than a foot done.


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