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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Knitting Olympics

So I've signed up for the knitting olympics knit-along. I've joined team Boston, even though I don't live in Boston I figure an hour away is close enough. I thought about it for awhile, trying to decide what project I could complete in the 16 days of the olympics without going insane. I finally decided to make myself some armwarmers and I happened to be in AC Moore yesterday and picked up some pretty yarn that was on sale, but I don't think I got the sale price. I'll have to post a pic of it before I start. Until then I'll continue working on Corrine. I also want to spend some time on some Valentine's day crafts so I should do that before the Olympics start.

Today was my vet school interview at Tufts. I think it went well. I'm feeling pretty confident I'll be accepted, which I probably shouldn't because then I'll be really that much more disappointed if I don't get in. I'm just glad it's over and now I just have to wait to hear. Well in the meantime I'll be busy being crafty.


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